How do I order products?

Easily browse the product category designs and make a note of the design numbers you’re interested in ordering. Once you have a design template chosen, send it to the funeral home along with your custom information and/or order requests and we will handle the rest!

I can’t decide since there’s so much to choose from. How can you help me?

We have added a great feature to help you narrow down your design search. Under each design, you will see a button “Add to Favorites List“. You can add many designs to your list and later narrow down your choices and make a final decision. If you go to funeralcatalog.com/wishlist/ there’s also a convenient and unique link you can share with the funeral home and they can see your selected design list. Please remember to have at least two designs for Memorial Cards (Front “Text” & Back “Image”).

Can you customize products to my style or vision?

Yes, absolutely. We can add your choice of photos, customize the text and change colors per your request. Design charges may apply. Contact us for more details.

Where can I find product pricing?

Please contact the funeral home for pricing information, product samples and more. We’d be happy to provide you with more information and answer all of your questions.

Have technical-related questions?

Send us an email to info@funeralcatalog.com. Please use this email for technical-related questions only. Products and pricing questions must be directed to your funeral home director. Product and pricing inquiries will not be answered.

What’s the difference between the three collections?

Disclaimer: While some photos within our collections were purchase from a third-party seller, others are part of our paid image royalty subscription. If any of your artwork is displayed on our website and you would like it removed, please email us at info@funeralcatalog.com with proof of ownership and we will remove it quickly.